Just like every mechanic needs wrenches and all those other fix-it thingies, every writer needs a toolbox. A carpenter wouldn’t leave the house without a hammer, and if you want to be a Serious Writer, you wouldn’t wake up every morning without:

1. A notebook, obviously.

2. A pen, obviously.

3. Five ideas that will materialize into nothing.

4. One idea that will half-materialize.

5. An ego

6. —tempered by unhealthy bouts of self-loathing.

7. A great book to read that will inevitably materialize into unhealthy bouts of self-loathing.

8. Fifty unnecessary things you need to do other than write.

9. At least one trusted reader who will always tell you the truth.

10. Patience.

11. Time.

12. Space.

Onward, friends.