Yeah, I Love Flowers in the Attic. So?

43448Here’s the deal: I love V.C. Andrews, and I don’t care who knows it. I distinctly remember reading My Sweet Audrina as a pre-teen (yes, I was too young to be reading V.C. Andrews, but never-you-mind) and being completely intrigued, captivated, swept away, and discomforted by the weird world she created—one of mansions and woods and strange families and deadly secrets. I lost myself in young Audrina’s strange plight and then launched myself into Andrews’ other novels, including her best-known work, Flowers in the Attic.

So imagine my glee when I discovered that the much-anticipated remake will be released on Lifetime next month. I saw and loved the 1987 original. Yes, it had its problems and received almost blanketed negative reviews from critics, but who cares? It was pure escapist fun, and as far as I’m concerned, Louise Fletcher can do no wrong. (And now we have Ellen Burstyn reprising the role—yessss).

My unabated joy and subsequential mental countdown to the movie’s premiere had me so jazzed that I tweeted about it. My tweet was promptly favorited by Mason Dye, who portrays Christopher Dollanganger in the Lifetime adaptation of V.C. Andrews novel. So of course, I now consider Mason Dye to be one of my best friends.

Picture 1
Photographic evidence.

Say what you will about V.C. Andrews and her books, movies, or plots, but as far as I’m concerned, her work is pure escapism, and when I want to get lost in a book, all I need is a good story that won’t let go.When the trailer was released and posted by Jezebel, one of the first comments was as follows:

I have never read the book, but I just read the plot on Wikipedia and WHAT THE (expletive) KIND OF BOOK IS THIS?

My answer: crazy, weird, Gothic, strange, and disturbing. In Erinland, this is also known as AWESOME.

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