A Word About Wordless Picture Books


There are many reasons to love, celebrate, and appreciate picture books. Anyone who knows anything about children’s publishing will tell you that they are incredibly difficult to write, so when you find the perfect relationship between words and images, you’ve stumbled upon something very special indeed.

But what of the picture book that has no words?

In my opinion, these are uniquely extraordinary. When there are no words, readers are tasked with imagining stories on their own. And what better way to become part of a story than to write it yourself?

The Conductor by Laëtitia Devernay is a recent favorite. I also loved The Only Child by Guojing, which is more of a graphic novel than a picture book, but is still completely wordless with astonishing illustrations. And you can’t have a blog post about wordless picture books without a nod to The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney, which won the Caldecott Medal.

But that’s enough talk. Let’s listen.


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