About Erin


Erin Entrada Kelly was raised in Louisiana, but now lives in the Philadelphia area. She is the author of Blackbird Fly (2015), The Land of Forgotten Girls (2016), Hello, Universe (2017), and You Go First (2018). Erin is also a short story writer. Her short fiction has been nominated for the Philippines Free Press Literary Award for Short Fiction and the Pushcart Prize. Erin has a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies and liberal arts from McNeese State University and an MFA in creative writing from Rosemont College. Erin is mestiza and identifies as Filipina-American. Her mother is Visayan and lives in Cebu, which is why many of Erin’s Filipino characters speak Cebuano rather than Tagalog. You can contact Erin. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also learn more by visiting Frequently Asked Questions.

Quick Bits

Pronoun: she/her

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (with lots of Hufflepuff)

Sign: Virgo

Favorite Food: Cookies

Second Favorite Food: More cookies

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Animal: Gigi (her chihuahua)

Favorite Part of School Visits: Q&A

Favorite Word: Peculiar

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