Named one of the Best Books of 2015 by School Library Journal, Kirkus, Center for Multicultural Literature, and the Southern Independent Booksellers Association! Apple Yengko knows what it’s like to be different. She has a weird Filipino nickname, she’s the only Asian at her school, and she’s obsessed with the Beatles instead of boys. But her life doesn’t truly fall apart until she finds out she’s listed on the Dog Log—the list of the ugliest girls in school—and her friends abandon her. Suddenly she’s a social pariah. The boys bark at her in the halls and the girls turn the other way. Apple dreams of escape and resents everything about her culture, including her mother. She’s desperate to get a guitar so she can run away and become a musician like her idol, George Harrison. Apple is convinced that music can save her. And it might—only not in the way that she thinks. Read all the BUZZ about #blackbirdfly!

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Named one of the Top Ten 2016 Books for Youth by Booklist!

Soledad has always been able to escape into the stories she creates. Just like her mother always could. And Soledad has needed that escape more than ever in the five years since her mother and sister died and her father moved Sol and her youngest sister from the Philippines to Louisiana. Now he’s gone, and all Sol and Ming have is their evil stepmother, Vea. Sol has protected Ming all this time, but then Ming begins to believe that Auntie Jove—their mythical, world-traveling aunt—is really going to come rescue them. Have Sol’s stories done more harm than good? Can she protect Ming from this impossible hope?

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Virgil Salinas is shy and kindhearted. Valencia Somerset is stubborn and willful. Chet Bullens thinks he rules the school, and Kaori Tanaka is a 12-year-old fortune teller. None of these middle-schoolers are friends, but when Chet pulls an unthinkable prank on Virgil and Gulliver (Virgil’s pet guinea pig), the universe brings them together. Their worlds collide, a daring rescue is performed, and new friendships are born. What is destiny? What is fate? Take the journey and find out.

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This novella-length collection features stories previously published in Asians in America Magazine, Story Philippines, the Philippines Free Press and the Kartika Review, as well as two unpublished stories. The collection includes “The Naming of Cats,” which was a finalist for the Philippines Free Press Literary Award for Short Fiction.

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