New Book Spine Flash Fiction!

Time for another installment of Book Spine Flash Fiction, crafted from Erin’s bookshelf.

book spine flash fiction

The virgins sway like a river — winterswim the distant hours. You ask me, “How do you pray?” You ask me how to be interesting. You ask me if you could be mine.

This proud heart echoes from the macabre: “Witness a voyage long and strange. You better not cry after the first death, if I were you.”

You witness the fall looking backward. You got nothing coming. Reflections in a golden eye echo the sound and the fury.

The bones of you dust the long valley.

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New Book Spine Flash Fiction!

Time for another installment of Book Spine Flash Fiction, crafted especially for you from Erin’s Bookshelf. Here goes:

book spine short story

Her magical thinking spit back a boy, burning down the house, world and town. Rosemary’s baby was falling into place, wrestling the angel. Her parched son, on the road —— a pagan’s crusade. We swim that rock, seeing red, down the long valley to the invisible city. We were liars getting over the rainbow.


My Bookshelf Keeps Whispering at Me!

… so I wrote a story with its spines.

Ghosts stuck on Earth torment Alice in the country of Hearts. People of the past — taken by storm, disease, passion, misery — burned immortal. The eternal ones spark a tale dark and grim(m). Alice in the country of Hearts unraveled a lesson before dying: Live, laugh and be blessed.

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Here’s a Book Spine Short Story …

… because I’m no poet.


A certain slant of light sparks ghosts along the bayou. The Supergirls wonder where the truth lies. A good and happy child, Buddy Cooper finds a way above the Faeries’ Oracle.  So much pretty on the road sparks a more perfect union.

Gimme a kiss, son. Ghosts along the bayou linger above. You got nothing coming on the road. Linger where the truth lies.