Celebrating 75 Years of Little Golden Books

This is a year of great celebration! It’s the 75th anniversary of Little Golden Books.

When I flip through the pages of a Little Golden Book, I travel back to a time when the Poky Little Puppy nosed through my childhood bedroom, the Fuzzy Duckling swam across my bookshelf, and Scuffy the Tugboat tried with all his might to make it across my carpet.

But none was more beloved than Grover. Despite his brick wall and ropes, I always made it to the end of the book, only to discover that the titular “Monster” was none other than lovable Grover himself.

Take time today to pay homage to a literary staple. I know I will.

9 Replies to “Celebrating 75 Years of Little Golden Books”

  1. Love this post and everyone’s favorite adorable, furry monster! The Moster at the End of This Book still makes my heart smile. :)

  2. Other blog readers:
    Which Little Golden Book is your favorite?
    I always find this answer so interesting. Says a lot about us. :)

  3. “Oscar’s Book” is my second runner up. It’s a grouch at his best. Scuffy the Tigboat is a great one and another fave.

  4. “The Shy Little Kitten”! I used to bring it with me everywhere and still have my original copy. My son likes the new Star Wars Littlr Golden Books. I love reading them with him. He was really happy when he got the Little Golden Book Stars Wars Library for Christmas. I’m glad Little Golden Books are still popular, but their classics are s the best.

  5. “Oscar’s Book” is a close second after “The Monster at the End of this Book.” It’s a grouch at it’s best. Scuffy the Tugboat is definitely up there too. Love that little guy.

  6. Monster at the End of the Book is one of my all time favorites. I loved Baby Dear and anything else by Eloise Wilkin. She was probably one of the first illustrators that I was exposed to that showcased diversity in children’s literature. I also loved all the Disney ones. I had a Lady and the Tramp one that I loved and it also came with Finger Puppets. And Doctor Dan which came with a BAND-AID brand bandage. I loved to line them all up in my bookshelf (AKA milk crates in my closet) with the gold binding.

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