Erin’s Shelf of Awesomeness

Erin's Shelf of Awesomeness

This is what my Ideal Bookshelf looks like. Being the ginormous book nerd that I am, I considered all my choices carefully, as if I truly faced an apocalypse in which I could only escape with ten books. And I didn’t even cheat and add more, which I totally considered.

So, if the Mayans were right and we all have to escape into underground bunkers with one box for our books, I’ll take these. Although I must say, I won’t be too happy about lugging said box around; Casual Vacancy, People’s History and Brave Story are pretty hefty. But at least they’ll keep me busy while we rebuild civilization.

What does your Ideal Bookshelf look like?

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  1. I’m taking no books with me! I figure that way, and without TV, I’ll finally have nothing to distract me from writing. Well … there is that whole “fighting starvation” thing, but really how long can that last?

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