Sweet, Sweet Pickles

There’s nothing better for a grown-up bookworm than reminiscing about the books of yesteryear. I have lots of books like that, but there’s one series in particular that truly warms the cockles of my heart. (By the way, I have no idea what cockles are).

I’m talking about Sweet Pickles.

Sweet Pickles was published in 1977 and went out of print in the mid-1990s. Most children of the 80s will remember Sweet Pickles with unique fondness.

Things that made Sweet Pickles awesome: the books were funny, the pictures were interesting, the series was in alphabetical order, there was a map inside each book to show you where all the characters lived, each character had their own faults and quirks, the list goes on.

My favorite was Very Worried Walrus, because I was a girlworrier.

I found this wonderful YouTube video of Uncle Matt reading Very Worried Walrus for his nephews. (Just to be clear, he’s not my Uncle Matt. But he’s someone’s Uncle Matt.) Enjoy!

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