The Grand Inaugural Post

I’m not sure what belongs on an inaugural post. Should I craft out the meaning of life? Share some deep-seated thoughts about how I view the world? Make an introduction? Or can I just start chattering on about nonsense? Personally, I prefer nonsense.

I’ve been writing fiction since the dawn of man but only started publishing short fiction in 2006 (I don’t consider that part nonsense, although some may disagree). Since then I have placed several pieces of short fiction in print and online journals and have made connections with lots of lesser-known writers, medium-known writers, and maybe even some well-known writers who humored me when I sent a long a gushy email (thanks, Gennifer Choldenko).

I started a somewhat self-serving Web site a year ago to share my fiction with the whole wide world and my small wide world of friends and family. At first I thought it was presumptuous and that I’d get only ten hits a month — nine of them being me and one being my Mama. But lo and behold, people have actually visited it from places around the world, following links from great mags like Monkeybicycle, Johnny America, or Cha. Great ego stroke!

There’s just one problem with Web sites: They aren’t interactive. Meanwhile, I’ve met all kinds of really cool writers who have blogs and because I had no blog, I was left out, and I don’t like being left out. So here we are, in Blog Land.

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