Here’s Why #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Use the hashtag, join the movement!
Use the hashtag, join the movement!

I’m proud to be part of a group called the Diversity League and even prouder to take part in the #WeNeedDiverseBooks campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of books with “non-traditional” POV charactersbe they people of color, LGBTQI, physically challenged, or any other variety that isn’t the so-called norm. I was invited to join the Diversity League because the main character of my novel is a 12-year-old Filipino girl being raised in the American South, where she is the only Asian in her school; but more so because I believe in the power of books, and the need for young readers to see themselves on the shelves.

Do you believe that, too? Then go to Twitter and hashtag your reason(s) why.

Why do we need diverse books? #WeNeedDiverseBooks because when I was growing up, I was asked the following questions on a regular basis:

What are you?

You’re Chinese, right?

You’d think that such questions would have ended when I reached adulthood, but no.

That’s why #WeNeedDiverseBooks.


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  1. Rebecca Solnit said that a city without culture is a city with amnesia. Books and stories help us to reflect on the human condition as it is, now. Without diverse representation in our discussions and reflections, people tend to overlook aspects of society that are otherwise crucial and understated.

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