Let’s Celebrate Awesome Stuff, Like My Book Cover and Release Date!

Once upon a time I wrote a book about big dreams, the occasional suckiness of middle-school life, and learning how to be yourself by stepping into the great unknown.

By some stroke of super-radness, HarperCollins decided they wanted to publish it. Being the wise publishing gods that they are, they figured it should have a cover, so they sent the book to Sylvie Le Floch, who has designed book covers for HC/Greenwillow for more than twenty years. Then: Voila! My book had a cover!

Sylvie did an awesome job showing dreams/middle-school/great unknowns with this fantastic book cover, don’t you think? Three cheers for Sylvie! (By the way, isn’t ‘Sylvie’ a great name? If your name is Sylvie, congratulations).

Not only does the book have a cover, it also has a release date: March 24, 2015. You can even add it on GoodReads. To celebrate this overwhelmingly fantastic news, I’m launching a seven-ARC giveaway. I’ll pick one winner per prize. Here are the ARCS:


Blackbird Fly HC C

The contest is open to US and international fans alike. So, whatcha waiting for?

Enter the giveaway.

11 Replies to “Let’s Celebrate Awesome Stuff, Like My Book Cover and Release Date!”

  1. I can’t wait!!!! I feel like long the world’s longest waiting expectant aunt. We’ve been talking about it for so long, I can’t wait to actually hold the real thing in my hands. The cover is awesome, but then it has to be to measure up to what’s going to be inside. Congrats to Sylvie!

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