My Dear Misfits: You Will Be Found

A fan of Hello, Universe created this art a few weeks ago, and its hashtag tugged at me.

Do you see it? At the bottom of Virgil’s backpack?


I rolled it over and over in my mind: You will be found. 

It says everything. For Virgil, Valencia, Kaori, and all people—young and old—who feel like they’re wandering lost in the world. Misfits waiting to discover their group, their crowd, their people. Maybe they’ve been told they’re weirdos. Maybe they don’t look, think, or act the “right” way. Maybe they’re boys who like to wear skirts or girls who like to wear neckties—or maybe they only think they’d like to, but society has convinced them not to try. Maybe they prefer to color outside the lines. Write vertically instead of horizontally. Maybe their head is in the clouds instead of on the ground.

Maybe they know they’re misfits, but they do their best to conform, and a little voice inside their head whispers: This isn’t you. But they ignore the voice because they want to stay quiet. They don’t want to be too loud. They don’t want to step into the spotlight because spotlights are bright and burning.

Are you one of those people?

Are you wandering? Searching?

You are not alone.

You will be found.

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Thank you, Princess Fernandez.