Postcard Prose

As writers, we tend to write everywhere. If we don’t have a pen and paper, we write in our heads. Every now and then there’s a little story that wants to be told. It doesn’t want to go through all the mumbo-jumbo of short story submissions or the grandiose overtures of a novel. It just wants to be told, whether ridiculous, poorly written, over-the-top, or all of the above. So, we scribble something down just to get it out there, if for no other reason than for fun.

To celebrate this fun-ness, I have written a piece of Postcard Prose, which is just what it sounds like: A short story that fits on a postcard. Check it out here. If you can write a short story that fits on a postcard, let me know and I’ll feature it on my site. If you want a personalized piece of postcard prose, let me know that too. You can do both by sending me a message at ekentrada (at) gmail (dot) com.

Enjoy, readers and writers!

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