Sharpening My Beta-Reading Skills

A big thanks to my friend Monica B.W. for helping me promote my blog and extending the chance for a first-chapter critique to writers far and wide. After lots of great pitches, I whittled my selections down to five. If yours didn’t get picked, never to fear. I LOVE doing beta reads and plan on offering free critiques and other fun things on a regular basis. So keep checking back every Friday for updates.

For your reference, here’s the five I selected:

1. Coral is a siren who struggles to keep the truth hidden, but she finds it particularly challenging when she falls for Jackson and has an unending desire to sing to him. But when we all know what happens when sirens sing, right? Dun-dun!  Why I Picked It: I love siren mythology and I haven’t seen many sirens on the bookshelves. Sounds compelling!

2. A MG contemporary fantasy that is a basic re-imagining of the epic poem Beowulf. Why I Picked It: I love reading MG fiction, I love re-tellings of old classics and I’m intrigued as to how Beowulf will translate into contemporary MG.

3. A futuristic YA about a girl who travels back in time to a year before her parents’ murder, only to run into their murderer. Why I Picked It: Time-travel novels are a tricky, tricky business. I’m interested in reading more!

4. Sixteen-year-old Nora Greene sees people’s thoughts through touch. When Adrian Lockhart’s knee brushes against hers, she see a vision of a school shooting. Why I Picked It: There’s a paranormal angle, but there’s also a lot of mystery potential and, of course, a dramatic romance, since Nora falls in love with Adrian.

5. Louisa Ramirez is bound to immortality by a nymph who once guarded the Fountain of Youth. In order to live a mortal life, Louise must find the nymph and return her to the Fountain. Unfortunately, Juan Ponce de Leon has claimed the Fountain and won’t give it up without a fight. Meanwhile, Louisa has fallen in love with Anastasia and is more determined than ever to live a mortal life. Why I Picked It: Is there anything about this pitch that isn’t intriguing?

As I said, I’ll offer beta reads on a regular basis so be sure to keep up with my blog every Friday! Although the selections I made for this round are similar in a lot of ways, I’m open to reading MS of all different types and genres. I’m writing a YA paranormal right now, so I guess I’m just in that state of mind. But such is not always the case.


Having trouble finishing a novel? Have ideas that run out of steam? Check back on Friday when I offer a suggestion to help you sizzle instead of fizzle. I have a suggestion that you may not have considered. Intrigued? Then check back! :)

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