How to be Evil like Mrs. Danvers


Ah, Mrs. Danvers. Your sneaky and evil ways are so sneaky and evil that Stephen King, master of horror, gave you a shout-out in Bag of Bones. You even have a band named after you. Mrs. Danvers, Mrs. Danvers. You are so conniving that I can’t help but love you.

The intriguing Mrs. Danvers is the head housekeeper and main antagonist of Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, a novel set in the magnificent, stately and unsettling estate of Maxim de Winter, a wealthy widow who was once married to the titular character, but now has a new wife (the novel’s unnamed narrator). Mrs. Danvers, ever-faithful to Rebecca, doesn’t take too kindly to the new Mrs. de Winter and sets about to make the woman’s life a living hell.

Perhaps you’re at a similar station in life, wherein you feel the need to psychologically torture the new wife of your cold, wealthy employer as you fuss about in his oversized English mansion. If so, here are a few tips:

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