School visits

I’ve visited schools around the world and have spoken to thousands of students. Each experience is different, because each presentation is different.

I don’t use a canned presentation. I’ve learned that schools and classrooms have personalities of their own. Talking to young people is what I love most about being an author.

My style: Fun, interactive, educational.

What happens when I visit your school?

Classes have their own personalities. Some are talkative. Others are quiet. Some have lots of questions. Others don’t. Some kids love to read. Others groan at every paragraph. I work best when I’m able to adapt to the students. I prefer interaction, lots of conversation, and a robust Q&A. We talk about my books. We talk about writing. We talk about revision. We talk about life.

What do Skype and life have in common?

I’ve done many Skype visits and they’re always a blast. Skype visits are like life: fun and unpredictable. Sometimes the sound goes out and I can’t hear anything for two seconds. Sometimes my face flickers. Sometimes only the third word comes through. But I have yet to experience a bad Skype visit.

For information on school visits, please contact my booking agent!

Books are powerful tools.

Bullying, otherness, acceptance, kindness, and empathy are common themes in my books. Many teachers, parents, and librarians use books as jumping-off points for difficult conversations. Growing up is hard. Kids need to know they aren’t alone. Books are powerful tools to encourage those conversations. Download this free guide to start these conversations.

A Free HarperCollins Teaching Guide (PDF)