The Life of a Grammatically Correct Text-Messager

The other day I was in a hurry and wanted to send a text message. In the interest of time, I used “u r” in lieu of “you are.” Imagine my discomfort. My general sense of uneasiness. Two letters—a vowel and a consonant, separated by a space—dangling there in all their quasi-meaningless glory.

After brief reconsideration, I backspaced and wrote it correctly.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, I am that much of a word nerd. Even the most basic and informal correspondence, those of text messages to my family and friends—the folks who have already seen me at my worst—need to have some kind of grammatical form and essence.

I don’t mind receiving informal texts. But I have trouble sending them. And to be honest, it’s taking up a large chunk of my life. I must waste at least ten seconds per text message just to be grammatically correct. And for what? Nothing.

If this shortened texting lingo continues its momentum, I wonder what will ever become of the poor Q. She can’t go anywhere without U.

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  1. Ha! I feel the same way. It pains me to leave out an apostrophe, but I’ll do it now & then in the interest of time. The whole shortening thing is hard for me. Mike says I am the only person who actually texts the word: “Okay”

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