These are the Most Awesome Pop-Up Books Ever.

Interacting with readers is my favorite part about being a published author. That’s what rocks the most. Hands down, no question. I love getting emails. I love speaking to schools. I love visiting school libraries. And—perhaps most of all—I love getting cards and letters.

Well, the students of Bethune K-8 School in San Diego kicked it up a notch.

They made pop-up books.

I repeat: POP-UP BOOKS.

Is there anything more awesome in this reading universe than pop-up books? I think not.

Check out this craftsmanship. Amazing, am I right?

Salamat, Bethune! Salamat.



5 Replies to “These are the Most Awesome Pop-Up Books Ever.”

  1. Erin, the students at Bethune really enjoyed reading your book. We look forward to reading the next one! Great job students!

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